Vanhee Rani
Hello my name is Vanhee Rani and I like to introduce myself.
I was born in 1995 at Kortrijk in Belgium.
Now I live at Bavikhove in Belgium.
After 4 years going to school, studying 'gold and jewelry', I graduated as a goldsmith.
I started working at a goldsmith and I also started my own business NOVaRa Jewellery in 2017, to make my own one of a kind exclusive jewellery. 
Making my own jewellery is a dream that came true! It is a creative and really fun job to do.
Everything is handmade and made with so much love and passion!
When I meet my clients I take my time to talk and brainstorm, to make the best design. Is that perfect then I start to make the design that we have become in to a unique piece. 
The end result is always a nerve-racking moment, do my clients like it, or not?
YES they do! That is the best feeling you can have.

So please if you all have any question, don't hesitate and contact me.
Hope to see you soon!